Post by mail Tuesday, Nov 8 2011 

This is a test of a post-by-email

F20-E Tuesday, Oct 25 2011 

Here’s why this blog is called “F20E”…

This represents the USAF’s most serious tactical blunder of the 20th century… they didn’t select this as their main air-superiority interceptor.

Break’s over — back to work. Tuesday, Oct 25 2011 

David Henry at age 3 ūüôā

Everyone seems to be keeping up well with the material.  This is going to be a fun class.

Class has started! Tuesday, Oct 25 2011 

Curtain up and away we go… another opening of another show!

Starting Over Monday, Oct 17 2011 

David says one can have many blogs, but I think a person would have to be retired in order to effectively populate more than one (or two).

An example: I already have a blog:, and I barely have time to pay attention to that one.


If WordPress turns out to be an easier method for blogging, I may¬†switch¬†over to WP, and then I’ll be back to one again…